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  • Our health institutions use the most advanced technology in terms of technological infrastructure and closely follow the developments in the field of health.
  • We have a national airline brand such as THY (Turkish Airlines) that provides access from the most flight points in the world.
  • We have the access of highly specialized and qualified human resources, especially in the staff of doctors,
  • There are plenty of hospitals and health institutions that have JCI accreditation, the world’s largest health accreditation organization,
  • Health services in Turkey have the same technology and service quality as in Europe and America, as well as being more affordable compared to other countries.




Asklepion, where the first hospital of history was established, is in Bergama within the borders of Izmir.

Throughout history, Izmir has been called “the place where death does not enter”, “the city where wills are not opened”.

Izmir; with its current health tourism supply, is a city that will not re-discover health tourism and can activate its existing potential.

Thus; 123 of the 410 thermal springs that stand out with their temperature and flow rate in our country are located in the Aegean Region. 59 of these sources are in İzmir.

Operating in the health sector in Izmir, including Public, Private and State; There are 56 hospitals in total. In addition, 6 Oral and Dental Health Centers, 76 Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, 44 Branch Centers, 30 Medical Centers, 30 Polyclinics and 257 Family Medicines operate in our city.