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Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

What is Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery (Mommy Makeover)? 

Your body has done an amazing job of nurturing and growing a healthy baby which is the most wonderful thing but pregnancy can leave its mark on your body.  After childbirth and breastfeeding our breasts tend to sag and lose tissue, our tummies bulge due to lax muscles and our faces can show the signs of all those sleepless nights.

Whether you have only had your first child or whether your family is complete, cosmetic surgery after childbirth can help you get back the body you once had. The Mommy Makeover involves having a single operation to improve the different parts of your body affected by pregnancy and rearing children.

Post-pregnancy plastic surgery includes many aesthetic operations because serious changes occur in many different parts of the body during pregnancy. First of all, as the body gains weight, an overall fat accumulation may occur. This means oily and excess skin in many parts of the body. In addition, since the abdominal area is swollen to a great extent, many undesirable tissues such as cracks and excess skin may be encountered in this area. Of course, this is the case for the breasts in general as after the breastfeeding period, the deformation in the breasts will become more prominent. Changes in the vaginal area, especially in normal births, can cause patients to experience a serious decrease in quality of life. Due to this and many other similar factors, female patients can resort to post-pregnancy plastic surgery, especially after the breastfeeding period.


Recovery After Your Mommy Makeover

Recovery will depend on the number of procedures you chose to have as part of your treatment – each will have varying recovery times and garments, aftercare required. 

Your patient coordinator will be with you through every step of your journey and will be best placed to advise you on recommended recovery times and steps to full recovery. 


Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery is a Comprehensive Process

Post-pregnancy plastic surgery applications require a serious planning process as they involve many operations as described above. While many examinations and research are required even for a single operation under normal conditions, this process creates a planning period that should be scrutinized and addressed closely in post-pregnancy plastic surgery applications. It is very important that maternal health should be prioritized during this period and that the mother recovers in a short time by overcoming the surgical process. As a result of all these factors, post-pregnancy plastic surgery applications should be performed by specialist doctors.


Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery Applications in Novarhealth

Novarhealth will be the right address for you in post-pregnancy plastic surgery applications. This is because Novarhealth has a high number of specialist doctors in the above-mentioned areas. Izmir clinics, which provide services with plastic surgeons and expert teams who have gained a reputation for their success around the world, may be the solution you are looking for. Moreover, Turkey stands out among other destinations as an easily accessible, safe and economically competitive option. Of course, the experience and power of the health sector make a difference. 

Izmir is home to clinics that perform post-pregnancy plastic surgery. Being one of the most popular cities in Turkey with its socio-economic strength, Izmir has therefore received serious investments in terms of healthcare. Thus, well-equipped and large-capacity hospitals bring you doctors who have gained experience in their field.

If the post-pregnancy plastic surgery is carried out in Novarhealth, you can find clinics where you will be in reliable environments for the detailed planning and combined aesthetic applications you need. As Novarhealth, we contact clinics that will provide the treatment you need and plan your entire travel. You can also discover the values which Turkey has. Novarhealth is with you on this health journey from beginning to end, considering your every need in advance and making you feel special with its solution-oriented approach. Explore Novarhealth services now.