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Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty)? 

Breast Augmentation is chosen by women who desire larger breasts, those who wish to correct a size discrepancy between the breasts or to replace breast tissue lost after pregnancy/weight loss. Breast enlargement surgery or breast augmentation can be achieved using silicone breast implants or through injection of patients’ own fat. In some cases, implants can also be used after a mastectomy to restore the breast. We use both round and teardrop-shaped breast implants, depending on the type of look you want from your breast augmentation. Your surgeon will discuss the options with you and will recommend the most appropriate type and size for your physique.

At Novarhealth we can offer breast enlargement at our purpose-built clinic in the centre of Izmir on a day case surgery basis. Under sedation and local anaesthetic, you can have your procedure in Novarhealth and be at hotel recovering in your own bed on the very same day.


Is a Breast Enlargement Right For You? 

Patients of Novarhealth choose this option for many different reasons including:

  • Enlarging breast size
  • Amending uneven breasts 
  • Balancing your overall body shape 
  • For certain medical conditions such as tubular breasts


There are several benefits of investing in a breast enlargement including increased overall confidence in your appearance. Breast Enlargement allows you to wear clothing you’ve previously not felt comfortable in, makes you feel more feminine, brings your breasts into proportion with the rest of the body and restores volume that could have been lost as a result of breastfeeding or substantial weight loss (a breast lift may also be required).

Your reason for having a breast enlargement is personal to you and at Novarhealth we respect this and will discuss your individual circumstance with you at the consultation with the surgeon. At the consultation, your surgeon will also discuss implant, size, type, and placement. The implants are available in different shapes and profiles for you to choose from depending on your personal situation and desired outcome, your surgeon will advise you on what implant and positioning are best.


Process of Mammoplasty with Novarhealth Opportunities

At Novarhealth contracted clinics we perform breast enlargement as a daily case surgery under sedation and local anesthetic, the procedure will take between one and two hours. This means you will be back recovering in your hotel/home with 24/7 support provided by the dedicated nursing staff. Post-procedure you should arrange for someone to pick you up or we arrange your vip tranfer. After your procedure you will have to wear a compression garment for a period of time to aid your recovery and provide a good result from your surgery, this will be discussed with your patient coordinator. 

As a rule, we would recommend that you take two weeks off from work and avoid any strenuous lifting exercise for at least six weeks post-surgery. Please bear in mind that everyone heals differently and you should take your recovery at your own pace. You will have some localised pain and swelling post-surgery, you will be provided with adequate pain relief and advice from your nurse. You will be seen by your surgeon one-week post-surgery for review. 

After two weeks the initial bruising and swelling will be reduced and this will continue for the following weeks. Six to nine weeks after your surgery your scar will fade, the implants will have settled into position and you will see your final result. Your coordinator will guide you through this process. 

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