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Eyebrow Transplant

What is Eyebrow Transplant? 

Eyebrow transplant is among the applications that are becoming more popular day by day, just like hair transplantation and beard transplantation. Especially with the advances in medical technologies, there has been an increase in eyebrow transplant techniques, and people have started to have eyebrow transplantation in safe and successful ways. Of course, modern medical practices have a great place in this progress.

Eyebrow loss can occur due to many factors, some people naturally have very sparse eyebrows, too thin or short to be visible. These types of problems are no longer an obstacle to achieving the appearance you desire. If you are looking for permanent solutions besides eyebrow dyeing and alternative eyebrow makeup applications, eyebrow transplantation is for you.

It is very important to start this process and do research without assuming that the eyebrow transplantation application is simple. In eyebrow transplantation, hair follicles are collected and integrated into the eyebrow area, just like in hair transplantation and beard transplantation. However, this is a very delicate process and must be carefully managed. 


Eyebrow Transplant is an Important Procedure Affecting the Facial Expression

What makes the eyebrow transplantation application much more detailed than hair transplantation and beard transplantation is that the eyebrows immediately affect the whole facial expression. In eyebrow transplantation, it is not just enough to be experienced in this technique, the person who will perform this procedure must also have an artist’s point of view just us our contracted doctors.

The follicles collected when performing eyebrow transplantation are very important. Eyebrow transplantation is performed by collecting far fewer hair follicles than in the hair and beard transplant, but these should be quite healthy. It is necessary for them to be meticulously collected and transferred to the eyebrow area. Therefore, it requires serious experience and knowledge. Eyebrow transplant applications that can be performed with many different techniques today should result in a natural way. In harmony with the other elements of the face, eyebrows suitable for your natural appearance are the main factors that will make you look aesthetically attractive. For this reason, eyebrow transplantation should not be taken lightly and should be performed by expert teams. 


Explore the Eyebrow Transplant Privileges in Turkey

Turkey is known for its famous eyebrow transplantation clinics. Our country, which heavily influences patients from abroad in hair transplantation and beard transplantation, successfully meets all the needs of patients in eyebrow transplantation with natural results. For this reason, it has become the preferred country. It creates a safe atmosphere for everyone in terms of its capacity and equipment power.   


Izmir and Novarhealth Meet All Your Eyebrow Transplant Needs

Izmir is a city that meets all the needs of eyebrow transplantation. The city of Izmir, which has a large part of the equipment power and patient capacity that Turkey has, has become the first choice for everyone who wants to get a natural look and is looking for reliable clinics. Of course, the cultural richness of Izmir also contributes greatly to this.

As Novarhealth family, we make all your flight planning and want to feel you comfortable throughout the safe and successful healthcare process. We ensure that you have a pleasant journey with our pre- and post-flight suggestions, and we care about your comfort in our contracted hotels. If you are doing research for eyebrow transplantation, you can get detailed information about this process by contacting us.