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Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is Sleeve Gastrectomy? What Should be Considered During Doctor Preference?

Sleeve Gastrectomy is one of the operations frequently used in the treatment of obesity today. Gastric sleeve surgery, which can now be performed very safely with closed methods, provides successful solutions for patients struggling with diseases such as obesity and morbid obesity.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed on the principle of reducing the existing volume of the stomach. Patients with a reduced stomach begin to lose weight in a controlled manner, and thus, the problem of high weight improves over time. The purpose of reducing the stomach is to suppress the appetite of the patient and to provide a feeling of fulness easily with small portions.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery Involves a Process That Should be Managed with Precision

Gastric sleeve surgery should not be considered as a stand-alone treatment. In some cases, patients may need to lose weight only for the operation, together with a dietician and trainer. Even if this is not necessary, a period in which patients must be held under precise control awaits after the operation. Taking completely healthy steps in this process will provide the desired recovery more quickly and safely.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a very important operation that should be performed by the specialist team based on the reasons listed above. When choosing a doctor and a hospital, people such as dieticians, physiotherapists, psychologists and trainers who will be with you before and after the operation are as important as the surgery itself. For this reason, you should be treated with professional approaches with teams specialized in this field.  

Sleeve Gastrectomy is Successfully Performed in Novarhealth

Novarhealth has a very successful team in terms of the gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric sleeve surgeries have become widespread nowadays due to the current dynamics of human life and therefore increasing weight problems, but not every country has experience in this field.

Turkey serves both its citizens and the people of many surrounding countries in the field of gastric sleeve surgery. At this point, two important factors have been easily met in Turkey. These are technical and academic competence.

  • Technical Competence: Our contracted hospitals that are not only focused on gastric sleeve surgery and offer the solutions needed in almost every issue. It makes a difference thanks to the technical capacity it has, especially in operations such as closed sleeve gastrectomy.


  • Academic Competence: Turkey is highly advantageous in terms of the doctors performing gastric sleeve surgery. The reason for this is primarily the investments made in the field of medicine in Turkey and the operator physicians who are studying in the best medical schools around the world, especially the medical schools in Turkey.  


Izmir: The Right City for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Is Izmir the right city for gastric sleeve surgery? Of course, it is! This is because it has hospitals that are among the best ones in Turkey and teams that have proven themselves with their achievements in the field. Moreover, since it is one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey, it is a region where technical capacity is provided as a result of investments.

Although Izmir is the right choice for gastric sleeve surgery, it is also advantageous to explore the environmental heritage in this operation. Of course, it also has wonderful areas and hotel capacity that can be considered as living spaces in this process.

As Novarhealth, we deliver the solutions needed by patients and their families who are preparing for sleeve gastrectomy. Discover Novarhealth services for a process during which you will be healthy, safe, joyful and happy. We are trying to make you feel special with plans that are thought out in every detail.