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Breast Lift

What is Breast Lift? 

A breast uplift (also sometimes known as a mastopexy) is used to improve the appearance of droopy breasts by restoring their original pertness. Breast lift applications are perhaps among the most frequently used plastic surgery methods in mammoplasty applications.  At Novarhealth, we understand that breast uplift treatment is a very personal procedure that results in most women expressing satisfaction with their new breasts. A breast uplift can be combined with a breast augmentation to result in fuller and firmer breasts should that be your aim for your treatment.

Breast tissue contains dense fat tissue and also contains mammary glands. In other words, there is no muscle in its structure, which means that skin deformation in the breast tissue can occur quite quickly. In other words, the problem of breast sagging can occur even from a very early age.

Among the reasons why a breast lift application is needed, of course, is primarily to have large breasts. As big breasts do not have muscle groups that hold them tightly, they tend to sag quickly. This can happen regardless of age. However, breasts that haven’t been sagging for a long time will sag to a great extent due to aging. The reason for this is skin deformations and loosening in the breast tissue. However, sagging of the breasts may occur as a result of many effects such as cycle of weight gain and loss, birth and breastfeeding processes, wrong bra use, and gravity. 

A breast uplift is suitable for patients who have experienced a loss of volume in their natural breast tissue as a result of weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding or the natural aging process. 

Breast Uplift surgery will be carried out under general anaesthetic and involve an overnight stay in one of our private hospital partners.  Recover from breast uplift surgery can take up to six weeks, certainly, for the first two weeks, we advise our patients to take it easy.


Planning Stage in the Breast Lift Process

Breast lift surgery may be inevitable when the factors mentioned above occur. It creates both an aesthetically undesirable appearance and negative effects in terms of health. These effects can be summarized as putting a lot of weight on the shoulder and back and the emergence of painful complaints related to this, limited mobility, developing diaper rash and fungal problems, and finally affecting clothing choices. However, it is possible to overcome these problems with professional teams with the breast lift operation.

A detailed planning stage is required in breast lift operation. This is because both breasts should be lifted naturally and aesthetically, and a symmetrical appearance should be obtained in the end. For this reason, applications performed by professionals have a higher success rate. The breast lift operation should not be considered by itself as many techniques can be used and breast reduction and breast augmentation operations can be included in the application if needed.     


Novarhealth Izmir stands out as a preferred country in breast lift and mammoplasty applications. The main reasons for this are summarized below.

  • It has fully equipped hospitals and clinics experienced in breast lift and mammoplasty.
  • It hosts doctors who are experts in their fields.
  • It is a leading assistance company in terms of patient capacity and technical competence.
  • It is a center of attraction with its facilities and touristic activities during the surgical process.      

Izmir is a city where the above-mentioned advantages are most intense in the field of breast lift and mammoplasty. This is because it is one of Turkey’s largest and most easily accessible cities. Therefore, it offers you the opportunity of doctors and hospitals to meet your needs in every sense. Novarhealth chooses the right clinics and hospitals for you and makes a detailed plan of your entire travel. It leaves no room for any surprises by directing you at every point. Thus, you can both get the healthcare you desire and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Izmir. You can now view the Novarhealth services and contact us.