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Brow Lift

What is Brow Lift? 

When we age the skin and muscles on our foreheads stretch and this causes the eyebrows to lower and the eyelids to droop. In a subconscious effort to correct this many of us lift our eyebrows slightly all the time – but this, unfortunately, leads to wrinkling of the forehead.

If you are concerned about any of these signs of aging, then a forehead lift also known as a brow lift carried out by our consultant plastic surgeons could be the answer. Forehead lifts are a long-lasting solution that can dramatically improve the way you look.

It has become a popular application in the field of aesthetic surgery in recent years.  Moreover, apart from the effects of aging or environmental factors, brow lift application is frequently performed even on the younger people.  The reason for this is that brow lift or forehead lift creates an aesthetic appearance for many people.

Brow lift operation affects facial expression positively to a great extent.  The reason for this is, of course, the eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face in terms of an aesthetic appearance.  A change in the eyebrows is reflected on the whole face and directly affects facial expression.  Therefore, brow lift operation creates an effect that eliminates the tired, nervous, tense or sad appearance for many people.

Brow lift operation can also be performed with non-surgical applications, but it is possible to obtain longer lasting results with surgical methods.  Today, thanks to the advancing modern medical practices and medical technology, new techniques are discovered every passing day and advances are achieved in legacy techniques. 


Get the Look You Desire with Brow Lift

Brow lift is the way to the vivid, enjoyable appearance that many people desire.  However, it is very important to be attentive during this process.  Of course, the reason is the same as mentioned above: eyebrows are an important part that will affect the entire facial expression.  So brow lift operations require a serious planning stage.  After a failed operation, it is possible that you will be far from the look you desire or even get a funny appearance.  For this reason, pre-operative planning and post-operative appearance should be decided at this stage.  The application itself should be carried out by professional teams in line with the relevant research.  


Izmir Brow Lift Facilities and Novarhealth Privileges

Novarhealth’s contracted clinics have brow lift opportunities that provide you the exact solutions you are looking for.  The city of Izmir, which includes many clinics and professional teams that will confidently respond to the aforementioned brow lift operation with a healthy planning, is full of experts who will help you find your ideal eyebrow image and achieve your dream look.

As a brand that is aware of your needs, Novarhealth not only prepares your treatment plan, but also allows you to reach the healthcare you need at the right address.  In this process, it considers every detail for you to enjoy your leisure time in the fascinating atmosphere of Izmir and welcomes you in the comfortable world of contracted hotels.  Explore our services now to feel special with Novarhealth.