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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a treatment method that treats functional disorders or losses caused by accident, trauma, congenital disorders or other reasons with various methods and makes the patient easily able to move in his/her daily life. Physical therapy and rehabilitation, which is used in the treatment of many bone and muscle-related diseases, is a treatment method that can vary from person to person.

Physical therapy can be applied alone as well as other treatment methods. Physiotheraphy can be done with radiation, heat, exercise, electric currents, hot-cold applications and physical agents. Robotic treatment devices, which you can only find in a few hospitals in Turkey, are used in the full-fledged hospitals that we have agreements with. In addition, we follow technology closely and plan a perfect treatment process for you and your loved ones.


Treatments Include; 

  • Pain problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Parkinson’s
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Stroke
  • Fractures
  • Neck and waist hernia
  • Lymphedema


Novarhealth Privileges

Novarhealth carries out all kinds of medical treatment applications in reliable and fully equipped hospitals. It also makes significant investments in order to improve healthcare for many years. In return for these investments, extremely successful hospitals have been established all around today. Moreover, in metropolitan cities such as Izmir, experienced doctors who have proven their success worldwide provide services in this field with the serious increase in the quality of life. Moreover, this high quality of care provided by Novarhealth offers a very economical way compared to its peers. Therefore, it has become an assistance company preferred by patients living abroad.

Novarhealth is very successful in providing health services because it cooperates with many fully equipped hospitals in Izmir in the treatment of all kind of diseases. As mentioned above, since Izmir is a very special city in terms of city life and atmosphere, many doctors who have gained serious experience in their field continue to provide their health services in Izmir. Apart from these, Izmir stands out as an easily accessible and touristic city.

As Novarhealth family, we plan every detail and care about your comfort while bringing you the healthcare you need. Remember to reach out to us to get more details about our services.