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Smile Aesthetics

What is Smile Aesthetics? 

Smile aesthetics is an application of oral and dental health, also known as smile design. The treatment practices that will turn the uncomfortable and hesitant smiles of patients who have encountered health problems in the mouth, teeth and jaw area into a big laughter are applied within the scope of smile aesthetics. Smile aesthetics covers a wide area of application. Therefore, many issues that need to be investigated and treated may arise. Within the scope of smile aesthetics, many different treatment methods and techniques may be used.

Thanks to smile aesthetics, treatment applications are also carried out in different subjects such as straightening the teeth, improving toothache and related complaints, removing bad breath, replacing missing tooth, and preventing gum problems. Laughing is an action that is affected by many factors and becomes beautiful if all these factors are in harmony. Laughing suits every person and everyone deserves to laugh in the most natural and healthy way.     


Smile Aesthetics Needs a Detailed Planning Process

What makes smile aesthetics so important is of course the importance attached to laughter by every person. Apart from the individual’s self-love, it is also very important in social life with the impression it creates. However, smile aesthetics should include a process that should not be taken lightly and managed with precision. Why? Because a large number of different topics should be researched to get a natural smile.

For the result that will emerge in smile aesthetics, research is carried out in many areas such as mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, etc. If there is bad breath, solutions to eliminate it are sought. Each research and the decision made based on these data are necessary for you to have a natural smile. Therefore, making these decisions by the right people can give you the smile you dream of.       


Experience Smile Aesthetics Applications in Izmir and With Novarhealth Privileges

Izmir is a reliable city in smile aesthetics as it has a world-class healthcare system. The strengths of this health system are also reflected in oral and dental health. In addition to the highly successful dentistry faculties, Turkey hosts a large number of dentists from many other countries. World-renowned Turkish and foreign dentists and many doctors specialized in smile aesthetics provide services. Moreover, they collaborate with clinics with a high level of equipment and capacity. 

Izmir is one of the most preferred cities in Turkey when it comes to smile aesthetics applications. Many of the talented dentists mentioned above have settled in this city, preferring the economic, social atmosphere and natural beauties of Izmir. Together with the hospitals and private clinics that make a difference in terms of equipment, Izmir has become a preferred place not only for smile aesthetics but also for oral and dental health in general.

As Novarhealth family, we bring you together with the most successful hospitals and dentists of Izmir and provide the healthcare you need. Moreover, by planning this process from beginning to end, we provide support with rich cultural and touristic activities in line with your expectations and make you feel special.