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Hair Transplantation

What is Hair Transplantation? 

Hair transplantation is among the applications that have become very common with the developing medical technology and modern medical techniques in recent years. While the problem of hair loss occurs due to aging in some of us, it starts abruptly in some people from a very early age. This may result in feeling uncomfortable in the social environment as well as the deterioration of individual’s self-love. This is because people find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.


Hair Transplantation is a Fine Operation that Requires Professionalism

Hair transplantation applications include a detailed process. Therefore, professionalism is very important in hair transplantation. Today, many different techniques are used in hair transplantation applications. The technique to be used is decided as a result of the research made specifically for the patient.

In hair transplantation applications, hair follicles are collected, mostly from the nape area. Hair follicles collected individually are protected in healthy and safe ways and inserted directly into the head area. This process is carried out by placing the hair into the roots in the head one by one after the hair follicles are collected one by one. This application may take a long time, and it is necessary not to proceed to the operation step without a detailed planning. After the operation is completed, there is a sensitive period that should be handled by following the doctor’s directions and follow-ups. All these factors are proof that hair transplantation should be performed by professional teams.


Hair Professionals of Izmir are Noteworthy

Izmir has become quite prominent in terms of hair transplantation. The success of clinics in Izmir in hair transplantation has led the country to stand out in this area. Today, there are thousands of patients coming to Turkey from surrounding and faraway countries to have hair transplantation, in addition to domestic patients. Izmir stands out with the success of the healthcare it offers, the experience of hair transplantation, the availability of economic solutions and cultural/tourist activities. 


Novarhealth Provides the Privileges You Look for in Hair Transplantation Applications

Izmir is among the prominent cities of Turkey in terms of hair transplantation applications. This is because Izmir, which hosts beauties as a city, is the preferred point of patients both from Turkey and abroad.  

Due to the fact that Novar has contracted specialists in hair transplantation, it can provide services for a very high number of patients. All these factors make Novarhealth one of the most preferred assitance companies.

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