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What is Vaginoplasty? 

Vaginoplasty can mean a lot of different things, but in general, it’s a procedure to construct or repair the vagina.

What happens during vaginoplasty?

The details of the procedure depend on your goals or medical needs and include reconstruction or recreation of the vagina using various surgical techniques.

Who needs vaginoplasty?

  • Individuals seeking repair of childbirth defects or trauma to improve sexual function.
  • Women who need vaginal reconstruction after undergoing radiation or excision of the vagina to treat cancer or other conditions.
  • Women born with congenital abnormalities (issues present from birth) affecting the development of the vagina.


Is vaginoplasty the same as vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginoplasty is one type of procedure to improve the vagina’s appearance or function.

Other vaginal rejuvenation procedures include:

  • Labiaplasty, which evens out or decreases the size of the labia — the fleshy lobes of the vagina.
  • Vulvoplasty, which reshapes the outer part of the vagina.


What happens before vaginoplasty?

You undergo assessments and testing to prepare for surgery. These tests may include:

  • Physical exam to assess your health and learn more about your medical history.
  • Patient education about risks, benefits and postsurgical care requirements.
  • Recommendations that lower your risk of complications, including quitting smoking.


What happens during vaginoplasty performed for women with childbirth injuries?

When vaginoplasty is done to repair injuries after childbirth, the procedure involves:

  • Removing extra skin.
  • Using stitches to secure loose tissue in part or the full depth of your vagina.
  • Reducing the opening size of the vagina.

Vaginoplasty to repair congenital defects (an issue you’re born with) may include:

  • Creating a functional vagina.
  • Removing excess tissue or abnormal structures.
  • Preventing blood from pooling during menstruation.


What is recovery like after vaginoplasty?

Recovery may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the extent of surgery. Postsurgical care after vaginoplasty depends on the type of vaginoplasty performed.


Vaginoplasty and Genital Plastic Surgery Applications in Novarhealth Izmir

Novarhealth may be the right address for you in vaginoplasty and genital plastic surgery applications. The advantages that Novarhealth has in this area can be found in the following list.

  • Novarhealth has partnership with hospitals, clinics and doctors who make a difference not only in the genital plastic surgery, but also in the field of plastic surgery in general. Therefore, you can get successful solutions for vaginoplasty, and if you wish, you can consider different plastic surgery applications in this process.
  • Thanks to the investments made in the healthcare field for many years, Izmir has developed in this regard. This has increased the number of well-equipped hospitals and has created opportunities ahead of world standards in subjects such as patient capacity and technical competence.
  • Izmir is a very rich city in terms of social facilities and. It also stands out with its natural beauties and touristic activities.
  • Turkey is a much more economical and easily accessible preference compared to other countries that offer healthcare services.        


Vaginoplasty Clinics in Izmir and Novarhealth Privileges

Vaginoplasty and genital plastic surgery applications are successfully performed in highly equipped hospitals located in Izmir. The metropolitan city of Izmir, which hosts successful doctors in all fields of the medical world as well as in the field of plastic surgery, has solutions that will make you happy. Turkey’s advantages mentioned above are encountered in Izmir. Facilitated means of transportation from almost every region, a developed structure in the health sector, a unique city life and an experience full of cultural heritage are waiting for you.

As Novarhealth, we ensure that you find the treatment you need at the best places, and we prepare your entire treatment plan and offer a travel experience that will make you feel special. Contact us to get the details of this experience managed by Novarhealth for you.