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Orthodontic Treatment

What is Orthodontic Treatment? 

Orthodontic treatment is within the scope of orthodontics, which is a special branch in the field of oral and dental health. Although orthodontic treatment is identified with braces today, orthodontic treatment uses many different techniques to eliminate the irregularities of the teeth and the incompatibility created by these irregularities with the face. Therefore, as this is a very important branch, studies conducted by experts should be followed.

Within the scope of orthodontic treatment, problems arising from crooked teeth or deformities of the teeth should be examined in detail. As a result of the analyzes, the treatment required for the patient should be performed and the process should be completed in a healthy way. For this reason, it is necessary to perform an orthodontic examination and start the process in accordance with this examination. However, when it comes to health, it is a great benefit to get help from experts within the scope of orthodontic treatment, as in all matters.  


Get Professional Help for Orthodontic Treatment

Why should we get help from experts for orthodontic treatment? The answer is simple. Orthodontic treatment applications performed with the right decision give you the solutions you need. Wearing braces cannot be explained as orthodontic treatment. In this context, many details such as tooth size and shape, jaw size, dental and skeletal disorders should be evaluated.

Orthodontic treatment includes a series of applications performed after evaluation in this context. All of the problems or possible problems that may affect oral and dental health are analyzed in this process. Among these, tooth decay, tartar and gum problems are the main ones. Orthodontic treatment, which includes a very comprehensive process, should therefore be performed by specialists.     


Is Izmir the Right Choice for Orthodontic Treatment?

Izmir is one of Turkey’s prominent cities in orthodontic treatment. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for this is that Izmir is a metropolitan city and a preferred city in terms of life quality as well as economic reasons. Therefore, Izmir is a city that hosts many successful dentists and is preferred for its cultural as well as touristic activities.

Izmir owes this preference within the scope of orthodontic treatment not only to its success in health services but also to its proximity to touristic areas. You can find unique holiday villages in Izmir or you can easily reach the surrounding cities. Moreover, Izmir is located in an easily accessible place for guests coming to Turkey from abroad.


May I Receive Orthodontic Treatment in Novarhealth?

Novarhealth offers rich alternatives for orthodontic treatment. It has highly developed opportunities in oral and dental health, which makes a difference in every sense. Beside extensive investments made in the health ecosystem for many years and dentists with world-class education, a very rich equipment is offered.

Novarhealth has useful privileges for patients who want to receive orthodontic treatment in terms of both technical and academic competence. 

Novarhealth family plans every detail from the moment you come here. By creating the most enjoyable route for you, it allows you to reach the activities you desire from living space and hotels to cultural and touristic activities. Of course, this process depends on a unique healthcare.