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Gastric Balloon

What is Gastric Balloon? 

With the intragastic balloon, we aim to make you healthier, happier and more successful. The success of the intragastric balloon allows you to adapt more decisively to the diets you have difficulties to comply with and controls your will by showing that you have started to get results in a short time. Intragastric balloon provides noticeable weight loss when applied together with appropriate dietary recommendations.

The quality of the balloon to be applied is important. The material used is compatible with the stomach structure. In addition, the fact that it is adjusted prevents the problems that may occur when it is first attached.
The purpose of the application of the balloon is to provide a more comfortable surgery by losing some weight before the operation of our super morbid obesity patients and at the same time to facilitate the weight loss that does not require surgery. It is a non-surgical slimming method. It is a one day procedure that does not require hospital stay. It is endoscopically placed in your stomach. It is easy to apply and repeat. It cannot make any permanent change. It will not stay in your body for life. It can be removed when desired. It is completely recyclable.


Does Gastric Balloon Application Have its Risks?

Gastric balloon application does not involve major risks in terms of surgical process. Endoscopy applications should be carried out by expert teams and detailed research should be carried out before the process with a multidisciplinary approach. Only then may the balloon be placed in the stomach. Professional management of this process is very important.

The gastric balloon is especially successful with the post-operative process. This is because patients consume less food with the fullness that occurs in the stomach. However, in this process, healthy foods with high nutritional value should be preferred. Of course, patients do not perform any exercise during this process. They must stick to the plan prepared by professional teams. Thus, they can regain their health by experiencing a great weight loss within 1 year. In order for this planning to be carried out successfully, it is necessary to manage the process with professional teams.      


Is It Possible to Undergo Gastric Balloon Application in Izmir?

Izmır is a city where you can have a successful gastric balloon application. This is because it has professional teams and technical competence not only in gastric balloon application, but also in obesity surgery in general.

Gastric balloon application is performed successfully in Izmir hospitals because detailed studies are carried out on planning. After the detailed screening of the patient, all the factors that will be needed during the process are evaluated and applied. 

Since the gastric balloon application is a more practical and non-scarring one compared to other surgical applications for obesity, patients and their families can go on environmental trips and enjoy the city.  

If the gastric balloon surgery is carried out in the city of Izmir, it may be a great opportunity to visit touristic areas and explore the unique atmosphere of the city.

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